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The unnamed project is now named! Progress on game:

So I've been making a bit of progress on the project I've been working on the last week as I'm feeling more confident in its gameplay.

First up! She's got a name and a main menu screen, no more throwing you into the game! Wewt!

It took me a bit to make the font but it was totally worth it, I think it really flows stylistically. I'll have the main title menu change colors based on your last game's save... IE if your in the first world, it'll be that color set.

Working on an AndEngine game, rough alphas taking shape!

So I've been busy the last few days playing Planetside and working on my first few games on Andengine for Exanosoftware, and am having a good way of things. I have been playing a lot of flash games lately, and a lot of them use simple mechanics which seem great for mobile phones and quick game runs. So a geometry based platformer had been brewing in my head for a while, because it uses a lot of the mechanics I want to practice in regards to physics and collision detection, but also because I want to get a feel for how Andengine is in terms of development time and ease.

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