The unnamed project is now named! Progress on game:

So I've been making a bit of progress on the project I've been working on the last week as I'm feeling more confident in its gameplay.

First up! She's got a name and a main menu screen, no more throwing you into the game! Wewt!

It took me a bit to make the font but it was totally worth it, I think it really flows stylistically. I'll have the main title menu change colors based on your last game's save... IE if your in the first world, it'll be that color set.

The second thing I did besides make this thing functional with saving and loading was set up my options menus:

These are also loading and saving and is completely funtional. Hoo-rah.

Equally as important was what I've done to the interface in the actual game:

So if you've seen previous pictures, the black boring "tap to go" text has been replaced with the new font. It also flashes in and out, which sounds stupid but made a pretty nice effect to let the player know it's time to rock.

As you can see in the top I've got the colors of your score and the level placed almost correctly, and they're using my custom font now. Only problem is some letters are FUBAR (The L for instance has some clipping issues) but that's an easy fix when I'm more awake...

Other then that, she's looking really good. I've got to do a bit of design work on levels 12 & 13 because they just don't play well, and I think I'm going to bump level 18 and 19 up to the final stages of the game. I've got 11 more levels to make, and then I've got to implement ads and she's good to go!

As for bugs, heres my list right now:
1) Music doesn't always stop if you select it in the options, Sound does. This is a problem with loading music into the game, it seems i'm checking whether or not a user set the options after already deciding we're going to play music in certain instances.
2) The player's color doesn't sync up to the level when you continue a game. It resyncs upon death. This is somewhere in my player load code, I've just gotta make sure it knows what color its supposed to be before loading the scene for the first time.
3) On the longer levels (15+) where the level is longer then the phone, the Camera doesn't sync when you've continued the level from the main menu. This is the same problem as the above, the player load code needs to know if its going to be using the bigger dimensions or not on load, not when a level is changed or the player dies.
4) Clipping on certain letters and numbers in my font. Namely, L, 5, and 2 have some clipping problems. 0 also looks..weird.

Other then that, it's almost set. The music and sound are going to be here soon I hope, so for now I'm just using placeholders. But barring the unforseen and provided it works on my test devices, you can look for Square Dance next week!