Working on an AndEngine game, rough alphas taking shape!

So I've been busy the last few days playing Planetside and working on my first few games on Andengine for Exanosoftware, and am having a good way of things. I have been playing a lot of flash games lately, and a lot of them use simple mechanics which seem great for mobile phones and quick game runs. So a geometry based platformer had been brewing in my head for a while, because it uses a lot of the mechanics I want to practice in regards to physics and collision detection, but also because I want to get a feel for how Andengine is in terms of development time and ease. Having recently released the Four Corners Infinity livewallpaper on Andengine using primarily its particle systems, I was excited to see how it would work with other stuff also. Plus, a game like this doesn't need very much artwork..which is great.

Anyhow, here's a couple of screenshots I've taken:

It has a lot of GUI work to do, but besides that and the menus it's just a matter of level design and music/sound, plus a death animation. It was cool to learn how Andengine works with different phones and how to use its scene and camera functionality.

The idea is basically its a platformer with a small number of elements (moving platforms, items that are good/bad and modifier world behaviors, and traditional object avoidance) that has no lose condition, instead it has a par more or less like golf, and the less you die when you have completed the game, the better. I based this game off my wish to just have something to pick up and play for a couple of seconds to a few minutes, and still get an enjoyable experience.

I've also done some experimentation with tilemaps for a bigger project I'm working on, which won't be completed any time soon. The smaller game projects like the one above are helping me tremendously with learning how to implement all these smaller ideas into a much bigger world. It's in pre-pre alpha, so the screenies are rough and all my artwork is completely placeholder but here ya go:

It's got collision detection, bullet pooling for arrows and magical spells, a map, enemy spawn/despawn conditions, and zoning loading/unloading, but the dungeon maps haven't been completed, only the villages and shops, and none of the items are in yet. Also, theres only one enemy, and he doesn't have any AI at the moment other than chasing you, so if he get's stuck in a tree he's SOL. It's a big ol' project, but I think it'll help increase my knowledge. Plus I've written up all of the design docs, and I'm not gonna lie, that was really fun to make. If it does well, I'd love to make it a series.

So far this engine has been a blast to work with, especially for somebody like me who has only been programming for a little over a year. I'm enjoying how easy the source is to read, and how nice the community is. It's small but tight, and it's definitely growing. I think I've found a home for myself for the next few projects though, so hopefully I'll be able to release a handful of games!

I'd love to talk about these projects and ideas with you guys. If you have any questions on how I did anything you see in the screenshots, I'd be happy to oblige. I'll record youtube videos later on if there is enough interest so you can see some of this stuff in action. I was inspired by game jams to make the square game I'm working on now, so I'm timing myself on it. I'm hoping to get it out in 48 hours of dev time (Real life won't let me go 48 hours straight :'( ) but we'll see how that actually goes :P When it's up it'll be free, and I'll definitely be posting a link here for you guys.