Our Promise


We love Android and the openness it provides, but the cost of this open market often is the malicious attitude some have towards their goals, be it a quick profit, or quick downloads, or recognition. Because of this, they are often willing to push malicious content to their users.

We promise never to push ads to your phone indirectly(As in, not on a banner inside of the application. We need to eat, too!) . We will never push notifications to you pushing advertisements, or spam. We will never use permissions without describing to you in detail why we need to do so.

We will not pursue pirates. If you pirate our applications and there's a free version with ad support, we'd really like it if you'd use that instead! And of course, it can't hurt if you REALLY like it to give us a bone and download a legitimate copy ;) However, realistically piracy helps recognition, and in the end helps your end goal, as long as its not out of control. And as long as the pirates continue to purchase content they legitimately enjoy.