Our Promise


We love Android and the openness it provides, but the cost of this open market often is the malicious attitude some have towards their goals, be it a quick profit, or quick downloads, or recognition. Because of this, they are often willing to push malicious content to their users.

We promise never to push ads to your phone indirectly(As in, not on a banner inside of the application. We need to eat, too!) . We will never push notifications to you pushing advertisements, or spam. We will never use permissions without describing to you in detail why we need to do so.

NavZ1 - H1Z1 Navigation Tool

Hey guys. I just released a navigational aid for H1Z1 on the Play Store, NavZ1. You can set a home and pinpoint any coordinates easily with it, and it makes navigating a lot easier.

Check it out here!

Space Engineers Handbook Launch!

Are you into Space Engineers? Get the new companion app, available on the Android App Store now!

Alpha Commander Launch!

Alpha Commander is officially available to the public on iOS and Andoid, and 100% out of beta testing.

Check it out at it's page here:

PSI Launches on iOS and Android!

I'm very excited to have launched PSI, my first iOS game! It has been a long road but it was worth it. I've got a bunch of updates and work planned for the next few months regarding PSI and an unannounced title in the works, targeting iOS primarily.

More information on PSI's website!

Go to http://www.psi-game.com for more.

PSI Launched! Beta & Website Below

Hey guys! I'm really excited to announce our new website for PSI along with the The First Beta available for download on Android at a 66% discount.

I'll be streaming the game live 5 days a week here on Twitch so be sure to check it out!

If you're interested, heres a video of the beta in action:

Fatty Bats

So a few days ago we decided it would be fun to make a game commentary based on Flappy Birds.

A 5 hour live stream later, and Fatty Bat was born. Dodge the walls, eat gnats, get fat. Be a fatty bat!

You can download it absolutely free off of the Google Play store here:

Fatty Bat on Google Play

Square Dance has Launched!

Hey everybody!

I'm so excited to announce today that Square Dance has launched on Google Play as well as on the PC exclusively at Kongregate.

Be sure to catch the new trailer also!

Square Dance Enters Last Phase of Alpha Testing!

Hey guys, if you haven't heard about my new game, Square Dance, it is currently in the last phase of Alpha testing!

I've got to do a few more things (2 more bosses, 1 mini boss, and the last 5 levels, as well as the options screen and a completed store), then it'll open up for beta testing! When it goes live to beta test, the link on the top right will become active and everyone will be able to play and test the game right here on exanosoftware.com!

Fly! Has Just Launched!

Hey guys! I just launched my first game: Fly!

You can grab it here! Click "Read More" to learn more about the game & its development!


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